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The Company acknowledges the need to provide fair and accurate information about itself, its operations, financial condition and future prospect to the investor and potential investors, so that they can make properly informed investment decisions, and others can have a balanced understanding of GDEX Group's performance and position.

The Board has appointed Dato' Capt. Ahmad Sufian @ Qurnain bin Abdul Rashid as the Senior Independent Non-Executive Director, to whom all queries and concerns may be conveyed, or when it is inappropriate for the concerns to be dealt with by the Executive Directors.

In general, the investors and shareholders are provided with the necessary and relevant information pertaining to the major developments of the Group on a timely basis through Annual Reports, quarterly announcements, half yearly research reports, press releases and various disclosures and announcements made to the Bursa Securities.

All these disclosures and announcements are governed by the Corporate Disclosure Policy and Procedures (CDPP) adopted by the Board of Directors of GDEX.

The objectives of CDPP are as follows:

  1. To raise awareness and provide guidance to management and employees on disclosure requirements and practices.
  2. To provide guidance and structure in disseminating corporate information to, and in dealing with, investors, analysts, media and the investing public.
  3. To ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements on disclosure of material information.

This policy provide guidance in the determination and dissemination of material information, ensuring that the confidentiality of information will be maintained and imposes restrictions on employee trading. It is applicable to directors, officers, managers and other interested parties including substantial shareholders, advisers, accountants, bankers and stockbrokers of the company.

Employees are not to respond to inquiries from the investment community or the media unless specifically authorized by the Corporate Disclosure Committee.

The Board of Directors is accountable to fulfill all disclosure requirements and may delegate this task to the Corporate Disclosure Committee.

The members of Corporate Disclosure Committee consist of senior management such as the Chief Executive Officer, Head of Corporate Compliance and Disclosure Unit and Head of Corporate Planning and Development. Its functions and responsibilities include:

  1. maintains awareness and understanding of the disclosure rules and guidelines.
  2. determines the materiality of information within the context of the company's overall business affairs, and if so, ensures the procedure outline in the CDPP are fully adhered.
  3. develops, implements, monitors compliance and regularly reviews the CDPP.