Corporate Governance Statement

The Board of Directors ("the Board") of GD Express Carrier Bhd ("GDEX" or "the Company") recognises and subscribes to the importance of the principles and the recommendations of corporate governance as set out in the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012 ("MCCG 2012" or "the Code"). In addition to the Code, the corporate governance practices and operations of the Company and its subsidiaries ("GDEX Group") comply with or are guided by the Main Market Listing Requirements ("MMLR") of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad ("Bursa Securities") and GDEX Group's Code of Ethics and Conduct. The Board remains committed in ensuring and maintaining the highest standard of corporate accountability, transparency and integrity as a fundamental part of discharging its responsibilities to protect and enhance shareholders' value and financial performance of the GDEX Group.

In June 2017 GDEX remained as a constituent of the FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia Index, which sets high standards for companies with environmental, social and governance practices. The GDEX Group is committed to complying the legal and other requirements on environment protection, preventing pollution to the environment and continually improving its environmental performance and upgrading its Environmental Management System. The GDEX Group has been awarded ISO 14001, an Environmental Quality Management ISO International Standard.

The Board considers that the corporate governance frameworks and practices of the Company, as set out in this Statement serve to strengthen the GDEX Group's sustainability, organisational effectiveness and drive a high-performance culture within the GDEX Group. This Statement outlines the key aspects in which the GDEX Group has applied and taken into account the Principles and Recommendations enumerated under the MCCG 2012 and Paragraph 15.25 of the MMLR during the financial year ended 30 June 2017 in which where there are gaps in the Company's observation of any of the Recommendations of the Code, these are disclosed herein with explanations. The Board will continue to implement measures to improve the compliance with principles and recommended best practices moving forward.

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Board Charter

The Board Charter sets out the composition, roles and responsibilities and processes of the Board.

The Board Charter, which serves as a strategic guidance and effective oversight of management, is also intended to provide a concise overview of:

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